Q. What is Siegium?
A. Siegium is a siege warfare simulation game. In it players command armies
to conduct a siege or defend their castle.

Q. Who is developing Siegium?
A. Mortal Coil Games. Also check the team page for more information.

Q. What platforms does Siegium run on?
A. Currently Siegium has been tested on Windows (2000+) and Linux.
It will likely also be ported to Mac.

Q. When will Siegium be released?
A. A free beta will be out soon. We are putting in some final features
along with building the initial scenarios.

Q. Where can I get the source code?
A. The source code will be made available when the beta is released.

Q. How hard is it to create additional units or scenarios?
A. We have designed the game with this ability in mind from the beginning. Creating a basic unit or scenario requires some 3D modeling experience (and a suitable 3d modeler) along with some basic Python knowledge. We hope to add some utilities that will make it even easier to add content to the game.

Q. Can I sell my modifications to the game?
A. You may sell additional units, models, scenarios, etc, but modifications
to the core game must remain open source.

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